Artist prodominently working with smoke grenades and other pyrotechnics to address ‘creation via destruction’.

Recent events include exhibiting at the Saatchi Gallery in London and Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong.

 Pablo Picasso once said that ‘’Every act of creation is at first, an act of destruction.’’ Since I heard this I’ve been obsessed with making artwork via destructive processes. This quote doesn’t only relate to art, it resonates throughout the universe. This notion lead me into a practice that adapts various tools like a homemade, electrical missile launcher, gunpowder and smoke grenades to produce an on-going wide array of work from performance-lead paintings to provocative photographic images.
— Marcus Dove



(Last solo exhibition, listed as a Top 5 to see in London)

‘’Drawing the female form with my signature medium, the smoke grenade holds context relevent to my own experiences and relationships;

 In the beginning there is a spark once the grenade has been ignited and ‘pulled’. What follows is an outburst of intensity in the form bright colour (honeymoon period) where two people intimately learn about each other. The smoke grenade continues to be bright and emit plumes of pigment for a certain amount of time before eventually calming down, where it slowly mellows out and the intensity is no more. Eventually what’s left behind is a mark on the canvass of a hazy memory of what once used to be.’’

Marcus also puts on live performances of his work. The process of the creation (or destruction) of his work is just as much 'art' as the final outcome itself. Both are beautiful and as important as each other.