‘And still she rises’

A commemoration of the Baroness Doreen Lawrence, OBE.


Presenting the artwork to the Baroness, Doreen Lawrence. 18/04/2016


''This piece of art visually depicts the phoenix, a mythological bird known for its regeneration and ascension prior to dying after a traumatic event of combustion, ascending away from a deep darkness it once endured and into a brighter tone.

The exotic creature rises above a dismantled set of scales, a symbol of justice that had once failed, and more specifically, a visual representation of the collapsed double jeopardy rule which meant that no persons could be charged for the same crime twice. The dismissal of this rule is what helped Doreen Lawrence attain justice for her son, Stephen Lawrence. A young, promising man who was taken away from her during a racially motivated attack in 1993.

Heraldic symbolism is the study of armorial bearings, Doreen endured a battle that no person should ever go through, one that surely caused great pain and suffering, represented here by thistle, which is the heraldic symbol for not only pain, but also protection and pride. thus the flower is situated at the centre.

After all that she has been through, Doreen still manages to advance, help and inspire others. This sort of strength is not one to be overlooked, it is one to be admired, which is why this piece of art serves as a sober celebration for the Baroness and all that she has achieved.''

Marcus Dove.